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VANCOCO is Leading New Sanitary Fashion Trends

2018 / 12 / 02

VANCOCO, a brand founded for family healthy life, specializes in intelligent bathroom products, such as intelligent toilet, electric towel rack, intelligent bathroom cabinet, intelligent bathtub, etc.

VANCOCO provides a comfortable and relax time when stay at home after the heavy working,Our smart toilet team has 30-years experience with the improvements by thousands testing base on the Japanese technical.

The toilet was a simply solution of the physiological in the past days, but now it is not only a process of relieving physical but also it is a pressure release and SPA enjoying. With the advent of aging and the young children care, we are well aware of the people’s health begins with a healthy lifestyle, so the first intelligent product we launched it is the intelligent toilet seats, it is replaced the washing to the paper, constant temperature toilet seat, nano UV disinfection to bring you a green, healthy, intelligent lifestyle.

Our team pay attention to your concern, care about you care about, listen to the dialogue of the body and the desire pleasure from heart.Moving our life with wisdom, science and technology, Our products have more than 20 function, VANCOCO will satisfy all you needs. In yourself private space, let you know new understanding and experience of smart toilet and feel a sense of pleasure from your heart.

Let VANCOCO lead new sanitary fashion trend!

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