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Smart Toilet Installation Method and Matters Needing Attention

2018 / 12 / 04

With the improvement of household life quality, sanitary ware products are required more and more functionality.Smart toilets are getting consumer’s attention and gradually into people's life, what the installation of smart toilet should be? What should pay attention to during installation?

1.The Installed Base Plate Should be Installed on The Ceramic Body

Firstly, the bolt into the ceramic body fixed installation hole accurately, then put the base plate and steel plate on the installation space, the base plate and steel plate should be placed evenly with ceramic fixed hole , finally put the set screw fixed in position.

2.The Smart Toilet Cover Should be Fixed on The Ceramic Body

Hold intelligent toilet cover with hands,fixed position and aimed at the base plate , then pushed it slowly, to make the smart toilet cover and the base plate completely fixed.

3.The Installation of Smart Toilet Water Supply Pipe

The connection of water supply hose and double pressure reducing valve must be installed in place,or it will appear slack phenomenon and cause indoor water finally.

Matters needing attention of Smart Toilet Cover’s Installtion

1.The toilet size must be in accordance with requirements.But the main basic parameters is the following four points : A)The distance of water tank to the toilet seat’s forefront , B)The distance of the mounting hole and the seat, C)The distance between the two mounting holes,D)The distance between the tank and the mounting hole. Consumers can measure the parameters of oneself toilet in advance, and then to find store brand sales staff for consultation that determine whether the product could be used.

2.The water pipes and power socket should be reserved. Bathroom should set aside special tap water pipe for smart toilet cover because of the need of warm water,In addition, you also need to set aside for toilet cover power supply.

3.Remove the smart toilet cover fixed plate,Then use screws to fix the fixed plate, finally,the smart toilet cover should aim at the neck and be pressed down for fixed.Special remind, the electricity debugging should be made after the toilet water has been adjusted.

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