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Is a comprehensive Intelligent sanitary ware enterprise which integrated design, resaerch and development, science and technology r&d center and manufacturing base is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Introduced advanced intelligent sanitary concept and professional technology from Janpan and Europe and tried thousands of experiment, developed a series of intelligent bathroom products.Our Products through The National Environmental Quality Certification, the European Union CE , American UL , etc.. The company's intelligent sanitary ware brand "VANCOCO" is a brand established for family health life. The company's marketing network all over the world and getting widely welcome and recognition at home and abroad.

Our company has the global marketing team, we are a dream group in order to create intelligent household life and relaxed, happy, and efficient work is the goal we pursued.

Vancoco, a brand founded for family healthy life, specializes in intelligent bathroom products, such as intelligent toilet, electric towel rack, intelligent bathroom cabinet, intelligent bathtub, etc.

Vancoco provide a comfortable and relax time when stay at home after the heavy working.

Our smart toilet team has 30-years experience with the improvements by thousands testing base on the Japanese technical.

Vancoco is a new brand, which will bring modern vitality and driving force to the bathroom industry and bring the revolution to the lifestyle.

Vancoco’s R&D team is an 30-years experienced team with the improvements by thousands testing base on the Japanese technical.

The toilet was a simply solution of the physiological in the past days, but now it is not only a process of relieving physical but also it is a pressure release and SPA enjoying.

With the advent of aging and the young children care, we are well aware of the people’s health begins with a healthy lifestyle, so the first intelligent product we launched it is the intelligent toilet seats, it is replaced the washing to the paper, constant temperature toilet seat, nano UV disinfection to bring you a green, healthy, intelligent lifestyle..

Vancoco pays attention to what you care about, what the water says to human and what the pleasant desire from our heart. There are more than 20 functions in Vancoco smart toilet to meet the different kinds of need.

Let Vancoco brings you a new experience of toilet in such a intimate time.

  • Taobao Operation Assistant Salary: 5k+/Month

    Job Requirements:

    1.Familiar with Taobao's operating environment and trading rules.

    2.Familiar with the various marketing toolso of Taobao and proficient in network promotion.

    3.Familiar with CPS/CPC of Taobao.

    4.Familiar with communication community’s situation of Taobao and can make use of the resources of all kinds of them.

    5.Familiar with advertorial, exchanging links, and other promotion way.

    6.We need the one who would analysis and summary on the data,product and control the promotion plan,find and modify Taobao’s shop problem, collect and analyze competition in our industry.

  • Intelligent Sanitary Ware Sales Salary: 4K-8K/Month

    Job Requirements:

    1.The one who have experience in building materials industry is preferred.

    2.Good communication skills, work with perseverance

    3.Responsible for domestic outfit companies in Zhejiang province and building material companies group purchase channel , master the product knowledge and sales skills.

    4.Focus on important customer development and product planning in the industry,makes promotion information and product's price authorization system, makes it faster of promoting marketing strategies.

    5.According to company sales targets to submit your sales plan and leading the team to complete the annual objectives of the company then monitoring the industry within the regional market and achieve sales target.

    6.Organized in-depth industry analysis for guiding and leading the regional key customer development.

    Qualifications: degree or above,Institute of technology or related major, one year or above related working experience, excellent fresh graduate can also.

    2.Honest and love this work and be devoted to it,Team spirit is also important,Strict self management ability with self clear career planning.

    3.Enjoyed in communication with customers and sales work,Can adapt to business trip.

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